Basic French samples

I’ve been learning French lately and in the course of learning I often found a need to find some pages on the Internet that were related to what I’ve just learned and at the same time simple enough so I can actually understand majority of the page. Unfortunately, most of the pages are of two kinds:

  • Endless repetition of things such as all conjugations of -er verbs, colors, numbers, etc. I find this rather useless, as I’m never going to be asked to recite all the colors in order – I need these words put in context
  • Texts that are rather advanced or offer no translation to English, either being equally useless, as the point is to actually confirm whatever I’ve learned is correct.

I’ve compiled some things that I’ve run into when learning and that were useful to me – hope you’ll find them useful in your learning.

Note: Please understand that I’m still learning, so I don’t vouch for the correctness of the below. Please make sure you confirm that these are correct, as learning mistakes is something that can be hard to unlearn after.

We have two beige beds in the room.Nous avons deux lits beiges dans la pièce.
Are you buying a red or green lamp?Est-ce que tu achètes une lampe rouge ou verte?
You are happy people.Vous êtes des gens heureux.
There are twenty two players on the field.Il y a vingt-deux joueurs sur le terrain.
She has six chairs around the table. Elle a six chaise autour de la table.
I am in Springfield now.Je suis à Springfield maintenant.
Are they still cooking?Est-ce qu’elles cuisent encore?
Where are you going to eat?Où est-ce que tu vas déjeuner?
A very good restaurant is near here.Un très bon restaurant est près d’ici.
He hopes she is there.Il espère qu’elle est là.
At what time is your boyfriend going to arrive?À quelle heure est ton petit ami va arriver?
Are they warm people?Est-ce qu’ils sont chaleureux?
Are we late?Est-ce que nous sommes en retard?
Where is your wife?Où est ta femme?
When is her husband finishing?Quand est-ce que son mari finit?
They don’t know where we are.Ils ne savent pas où nous sommes.